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Network ministries is a non-profit corporation, 501-C3. We have been in prayerful pursuit of our goals since 1980. We take our accountability seriously. The buck stops with the board of directors. The board is in charge of policy and staff. The staff is in charge of the daily operation of the ministry.

As a Christian ministry, we adhere to the Apostles’ Creed, but people minister at Network from all different faith traditions.
​Please respect and enjoy the differences.

PLEASE DO: Do look at this as a growth opportunity with Christ and yourself. Do ask for help. If your shift director is too busy, contact Ryan. Do pray about what you’re experiencing at Network. Do feel free to try to help people get to know Christ better. Do love as you feel led. Do try to have fun at Network.

PLEASE DON’T: Do stuff that feels unsafe or unhealthy. Let anyone touch you or hug you if you do not want that. Let anyone talk nasty or mean to you if you do not want that. Visit with anyone you don’t like. Give your money away if you do not want to do that. Eat, drink, or smoke anything you do not like. Become sexually involved with a client, under any circumstances. Feel obligated to take someone home. Staff discourages this.

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