The art of Remembering
Posted on April 19th, 2017

​Greetings From Capitol Hill,                                                                     April 2017
“Hey Randle! Welcome back!“ It had been 7 years since Randle graced us with his presence. Appearing fit and fiddle Randle had only been released from jail 2 hours prior. And where does he go first? Right here.
He stood there dazed for a few seconds just staring at me. “I can’t believe you remember me, man!” Randle (like so many of us) assumed he wasn’t worth the re-membering.
This is a powerful message. It was seriously significant for Randle to be re-membered – to return to a community and find himself a member of us once again.
This might be our second most important job at Network - to re-member one another after having been gone awhile - either physically or mentally!
Some people wonder why we don’t stay open all the time or why we can’t work harder at serving more people. I tell them it’s because we’re followers of Jesus.
Contrary to popular belief, the idea of being present to people in all of their needs all of the time wasn’t Jesus’ priority. His primary mission in life was to remain intimately connected to his Father. Only through a continual intimate encounter with God did it become clear to him what his task was in his relationship with people.
I’m increasingly convinced that what sustains Network – what allows our work to remain dynamic, active, and fresh – is a result of our re-membering God. 
Once in awhile as I’m quietly attentive in prayer it’s like I walk through a door to hear an affirming voice speak the words, “Hey Ryan! Welcome back!”
One beggar to another,
Ryan Taylor            

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