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Posted on February 20th, 2017

Greetings From Capitol Hill,                                                                                           December 2016
After the birth of Jesus, after the shepherds and Magi left the scene and the chaos and hype simmered down we’re told that Mary stepped back and treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart (Luke 2:19).
As the chaos of 2016 draws to a close what are you treasuring up and pondering?
Recently, at our annual staff Christmas party, staff and volunteers pondered these numbers:
175 – That’s about the number of hours each of our shift leaders & volunteers invested in welcoming and loving those who walked through our door in 2016.
1,100 – That’s the number of pounds of coffee we served in 2016!
20,000 – That’s the number of hours Bill has spent hanging at Network since moving to Denver in 1988.
Numbers matter but the real stuff worth treasuring up and pondering come in the form of…
Lively front porch conversations through the dense fog of cigarette smoke.Countless games of chess and pinochle.Laughing at amatuer comedians telling bad jokes.Asking people to leave for being ornery… Asking people to come back because we miss them.Amatuer pastors listening to drawn out confessions, praying prayers, and wiping tears. 
Whether through hard-scrabble stories of pain or mini-celebrations over simple provisions there’s simply no doubting God’s presence here in 2016.
And so we follow the lead of a magnificent mom as we take meaningful time to rest, to treasure up the Presence, and ponder what it means to continue welcoming Christ into our world as a new year begins.
Network treasures you for keeping the vision of long-term redemptive relationships moving forward through your prayer, presence, and pennies.
One beggar to another,
 Ryan Taylor             

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