The presence of hope
Posted on November 23rd, 2016

Greetings From Capitol Hill,                                                                                 November 2016
Two days after the presidential election amidst all the opinions and arguments recklessly buzzing among us, my wife and two sons stopped by to visit the Network. Eight year old, Josiah, plopped down across from Reggie and invited him to a game of chess.

Reggie obliged. I sat back and quietly observed as Reggie graciously proceeded to demonstrate how to play this wonderful game to this young man.

Around Network one of our jobs is to keep our eyes open to the presence of hope. Within this community recognizing and pointing out reasons to be encouraged and hopeful is vital. In my experience, nothing produces hope quite like the presence of youth among us. These days six out of our eight shift leaders are under the age of forty and many of our volunteers have yet to hit thirty. There’s a felt sense of vitality, curiosity, and a hunger to grow in the ways of the One who came to bring good news to the poor.

Network is a uniquely diverse place. The “Living of Room of Christ” as it’s been called is a beautiful cross-section of young and old, all shades of skin, along with a wide range of thoughts and personality.
Recently, many of our leaders have taken a moment in the middle of their shift to encourage one solid minute of complete silence followed by a prayer of blessing and encouragement. Just imagine, a room full of people from such different places sitting together, under the mercy, quieting their hearts in silence.
In a culture and time starved for hope, I’m giving great thanks for Network and for faithful supporters both young and old who sustain us. If you’re reading this and consider yourself among those needing a surprising jolt of hope this holiday season, come on in.
We’ll have the coffee on.
One beggar to another,


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