"So, you do haircuts?"
Posted on April 4th, 2016

​It was in my first year of hanging around the Network that Alex overheard me say that I was once the resident barber in my college dorm.
“So you do haircuts?” Alex asked.
Busted. And now I’m the barber of Network.
Last month Scratch asked if I’d trim his scruffy noggin. It’s actually quite an honor and it fits the mission of Network to a T.
Allowing me to take the scissors to your head demands trust! (Trust me.)
And for folks who have been bitten and betrayed more times than you can count, taking the risk to trust again would be like you and me attempting to climb Mt. Everest.
Occassionally, we are privileged to witness some of our folks begin to ascend that daunting mountain called TRUST.
Here at Network our staff are constantly echoing the words of Christ… “Do you trust me?”
How many times have I heard John Hicks say, trust is built upon mercy.
We developed trust because someone took a risk on us.
Network takes the risk of listening. We hear confessions. Lots of them.
We try to stay present.  On a good day we might even offer a haircut.
In the way of Christ, we’re all in the business of trust development – both within ourselves and with others. And with our friendships, family, bank accounts, and bodies.
GOD, like a barber who knows our heads enough to memorize the number of hairs on it, keeps tenderly asking that question, “Do you trust me?”

One beggar to another,


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