Posted on January 26th, 2016

​Transitions. I was honored to stand there within the circle of Rick’s family as we prayed around his hospital bed. Rick, a homeless schizophrenic man who always made us smile, was on his way out of this world.
Isn’t that a snapshot of faith? During a season in which we celebrate Christ coming we also grieve (and celebrate!) a friend’s departure. The dynamic of transition, always inviting us to hold both sides – arrival & departure/ beauty & pain – side by side within the same gift-wrapped package.
We’ve been practicing transition around here as I settle my fanny into a director chair that has many years worth of John’s distinct imprint. Among our wonderful staff, two got married, one became a dad again, one left town and another returned after a couple years away.
We are a people of transition. It’s everywhere throughout the stories of scripture. Remember how tired shepherds and a trio of wise guys transitioned toward a town called Bethlehem?
Those haggard travelers looked up to find the Mercy Star. Following the light to the end meant ultimate friendship, deep intimacy & liberation.
Similarly, when tired travelers enter the front door of Network they look up to a sign that reads, “Pass Through Under the Mercy.” As 2015 departs us and we anticipate the arrival of 2016 we pray again that Network will be a light leading folks to a taste of that same sweet friendship, intimacy, and liberation.
Our lives are marked by transition. So, whether this finds you coming or going may we encourage one another to look up and see that we walk UNDER the MERCY.
Our deepest gratitude to YOU for loving Network amidst transition! 

One beggar to another...


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