About Us
Network isn’t a soup kitchen, a food bank or social services, or a crash pad. We create a place for long-term redemptive relationships. That’s what we do. The counseling we hand out is strictly non-professional. We are not a mental health agency. We are Christians being friendly.
People may come to our communities because they want to serve the poor; they will only stay once they have discovered that they themselves are the poor. ~ Jean Vanier

Our MIssion. 

Since 1980 we’ve been gambling on a very long-term redemptive experience for Network. The idea is that, somehow, as we become friends with people very different from ourselves, Christ will help us all get to know God better. Network is full of crazy people, and that includes the clients. There are many varieties of “crazy”. Most conditions are a magnification of something very “normal”. It is easier when people both look and feel “crazy”, but many people either look sane and feel crazy, or look crazy and feel sane. There are many people on prescribed medications. Please, do not discourage this. Many people are self-medicating. We end up discouraging this. 
We believe that poverty is largely a product of the way people bond or attach. Economics is a secondary phenomena - poverty isn’t bad, just different. Jesus was poor by any American standards. We are all poor in one way or another - our discomfort with poverty is first a part of 
Free coffee and tea as well as an available shower are aspects of our friendliness.
The people of Network change very slowly and in very subtle increments. It’s OK to want change; friends do. Heaven is coming.


Monday through Friday
Tuesday & Thursday 10am-2pm
Saturday 6-10am
A different staff facilitates each shift. Come join them! Find what fits you.